Time Masters

Timekeeping, at first glance, appears to be a simple concept. All it requires is the means of keeping an even pace, maintaining that one constant in our lives. How complicated could that possibly be? The watchmakers of the world would answer with unanimous dissent. Timekeeping is a very acute business, they would say. While the … More Time Masters

Springtime 2018

Last month, I visited Hanoi for my cousin’s wedding, along with my friend Shellie. Prologue: Travel Our trip started Wednesday evening, with a ride to the airport provided by Shellie’s mom. The first leg of the journey was a 15-hour flight from LAX to Guangzhou. On the plane, we were assigned seats in the emergency … More Springtime 2018

It’s Not About Biology Anymore: The New Evolution of Humankind

When the Earth was younger, evolution was a race of biological prowess. Organisms strove to run and hunt, climb and hide, and recover and reproduce. Individuals whose biology suited their environment, whether that advantage was in strength, agility, or aesthetics, succeeded over their less-fortunate peers. Over multiple millennia, humans came to dominate this race, having … More It’s Not About Biology Anymore: The New Evolution of Humankind

At Dinner

He sat bench-side at the small square table, a plate of cold salad in front of him. Across the table was the empty metal chair that would have held his companion–if he had one. His gaze was fixated downwards at what could only be a phone in his lap, as he pushed his fork through the … More At Dinner